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Students admitted to ACK are expected to maintain continuous registration until they graduate. Any dormant or withdrawn students who failed to register during the advertised periods, left the College without an officially approved leave of absence as per ACK’s Leave of Absence Policy (ACK.PL.AR.205) or officially withdrew from the College as per ACK’s Withdrawal Policy (ACK.PL.AR.212) must apply for readmission. Readmission is granted only once.


Students eligible to apply for readmission based on the below:

  • At the time of making application, a student must meet the minimum admissions requirements and must not have been away from College more than two (2) academic semesters.
  • Eligible applicants who desire a change of major must meet the change of major requirements at the time of making application.
  • Readmission application dates are published on the ACK website and eligible applicants must submit an application during the advertised period.
  • Readmission is not automatic and is not guaranteed.
  • A non-refundable readmission application fee must accompany all applications.
  • Students expelled from College on academic grounds can only apply for admission in a different School.
  • Students seeking to reapply need clear all outstanding amounts owed to the College and remove all holds on their records (if any) before submitting a Readmission Application.
  • Students who were previously in English Language program must take the OOPT or submit a valid IELTS or TOEFL Certificate.
  • Applications for readmissions are reviewed individually by the Admissions Committee. Readmission is not guaranteed; decision to readmit a student is based on factors including:
    • Previous academic and disciplinary record;
    • Reasons for not previously continuing studies;
    • Student’s potential for successfully completing the qualification;
    • Available capacity.
  • If a student is readmitted, his/her previous grades are carried over and all semesters away are counted towards the maximum period for completion of the program according to the College progression rules. For students who previously commenced a Bachelor’s program and have no graded results recorded, the graduating Diploma GPA will be considered for readmission purposes. Students readmitted in a different School will start with a new academic record.


Exclusion from readmission 

Students expelled from College on disciplinary grounds cannot apply for readmission



No appeals are accepted from students who left the College with poor academic standing.

Queries regarding Readmission should be directed to one of our Admissions team via telephone +965 1828225 ext. 4216, 4161 or 4147 between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm Sunday - Thursday.