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Private Universities Council (PUC) – Scholarships and Regulations

The Australian College of Kuwait accepts students who wish to enroll into a Diploma or a Degree program under the sponsorship of the Private Universities Council (PUC). See link. The Private Universities Council is the only authority that can approve a scholarship application. The PUC announces the scholarship applications outcome in the local newspapers. For the dates of accepting applications, please refer to "Entry Dates" section.

There are five types for the PUC Internal Scholarship:


PUC Scholarship Regulations

  • If a PUC student wishes to defer the current semester for either:
    • Pregnancy and childbirth during the semester, OR (b) to sit for the IELTS or TOEFL exam; then the student must submit a deferral request during the specific period (before the beginning of the related semester until Census Date), and must not register for the current semester. If the student registered for the current semester then he/she applied for a deferral, then the student will be responsible for the payment of the tuition fees. The deferral will be for one semester only and student should register for the upcoming semester or submit a new deferral request in case he/she wishes to extend the period of the deferral.
  • PUC students must register a full load according to his/her major.
  • PUC will cover the tuition fees for the repeated units according to the Grading Policy followed by the Australian College of Kuwait and after the approval of the Academic Advisor.
  • PUC students must register in the major in which he/she was accepted in and cannot change major until approved by the PUC Scholarship Committee. If approved, student will be responsible for the payment of the tuition fees of the non-transferable units resulted by the change of major.
  • There are no financial consequences resulting from officially withdrawing or deferring during the first two weeks of the semester.