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English Language Admissions Requirements

At the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) every applicant has a pathway to further study. 

All programs at ACK are delivered in English and the College utilizes the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT®), to place applicants according to their appropriate English language level.  The OOPT® is a computerized test. The table below details the OOPT® score levels: 

English Levels OOPT® Total

ACK English I (Intensive)

ACK English I

20 - 34

35 - 54

ACK English II 55 - 69
Direct Entry 70 +


Validity period of OOPT®

An OOPT® result is valid only for a period of 6 months from the test date.  After this time the OOPT® result cannot be used for admissions purposes and the applicant must re-sit the test.


Retaking the OOPT®

An applicant wishing to sit the OOPT® again may do so after a period of 48 hours from the initial test date. 


IELTS® Certificates

A valid IELTS Certificate may be submitted within the advertised Admissions period.  The below table details the IELTS® average score levels: 

English Levels IELTS® Average Score

ACK English I (Intensive)

ACK English I

3.0 - 3.5

4.0 – 4.5

ACK English II 5.0
Direct Entry 5.5


TOEFL IBT® Certificates

A valid TOEFL IBT® Certificate may be submitted within the advertised Admissions period.  ACK accepts a TOEFL IBT® minimum score of 71 for direct entry into the Diploma programs.

Online registration period will open from 27-31 May 2018 for Fall 2018. 

Apply for Diploma for Fall 2018-2019 starting from 1 April -21 June 2018.