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Welcome from the Chairman and the President

Chairman's Welcome

"My vision, and that of my fellow members of the Board of Trustees, has been to establish an institution of higher learning that will provide knowledge and practical skills to contribute in the development of Kuwait. The Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) is the culmination of this vision. Its core philosophy is ‘enabling human potential within a culture of care’. We want our students to be successful and to feel that they are essential as individuals.

ACK provides internationally recognized qualifications and is fortunate to have an excellent team of faculty and staff to deliver its programs.

ACK programs provide an experiential learning model that gives students: knowledge, skills and a positive attitude. Our goal is to enable ACK students to be effective graduates from their first day at work.

ACK offers diploma and degree programs in Business and Engineering as well as other training and professional opportunities. These programs, though practical in approach, develop critical thinking and problem solving capabilities in students.

I wish to welcome you to ACK’s website and encourage you to explore the material on offer.

Wishing you success."

Mr. Abdullah A. O. Al-Sharhan
Chairman, Australian College of Kuwait

President's Welcome

Prof. Isam Zabalawi.jpgHigher education in Kuwait has played a pivotal role in the overall process of development, and still does increasingly. Undeniably, higher education has numerous vital economic and social dimensions. Moreover, it interacts with many pertinent sectors including the various industrial and business services.

Over the past decade, ACK has made tangible progress towards its founders’ dream to create a community of learning whose members are equipped with knowledge, practical skills, positive attitude and attributes enabling them to contribute to the development of Kuwait.

ACK offers an innovative pedagogical model integrating classroom learning and hands-on experience that prepares students to master and to make, to reflect and to apply, to analyze and to act. Students are prepared to enter graduate programs or the global workplace by undergoing a curriculum that combines the best deep learning along with technical and experiential application structured for enhancing their learning. Our graduates enter the global workplace as creative problem solvers with the skills to cross both borders and disciplines. The Pedagogical Framework of the ACK spells out its principles as a Higher Education Institute residing on pillars that include:

  • Focus on the student as a person;
  • Bases learning on values;
  • Fostering healthy personal and social attitudes;
  • Promoting significant independent learning;
  • Stimulating thinking;
  • Promoting the attainment of academic and professional competencies;
  • Incorporating information and communication technologies in its work;
  • Being a learning organization;
  • Committing to quality service and offerings;
  • Leading and fostering the development of leadership in lecturers and students;
  • Valuing, developing and promoting co-operation and teamwork within its own structures; and
  • Operating with a social commitment with an open, universal outlook.

ACK has articulated partnerships with other academic institutions that enjoy international reputation, such as Central Queensland University, Cape Breton University, and Kangan Institute. These partnerships have facilitated ACK to develop world class Diploma and Bachelor programs in a number of fields in engineering and business. This conducive environment along with the industrial and the academic experience of our faculty members, facilitates an education process that produces knowledgeable and skillful graduates, well prepared for an increasingly globalized world; graduates who feel “at home in the world”.

ACK has ample buildings, spacious facilities, offices, and classrooms to accommodate its faculty and students. A major part of the infrastructure comprises of interactive teaching facilities, electronic libraries, research laboratories, as well as simulators. All these exemplify the wide array of services, well-equipped academic resources, workshops, entrepreneurial facilities and utilities. ACK enjoys a smart campus to facilitate an outstanding higher education environment offering food courts, coffee shops, clinics, and bookshops. Leisure, sports and music facilities also occupy an essential part of the campus.

I take great pride in welcoming you to our learning community and in inviting you to explore the world of learning that goes on at ACK by availing yourself of the wealth of information on this website. I look forward to hearing from you directly should you wish to share your comments and suggestions. 

Prof. Isam Zabalawi
President, Australian College of Kuwait